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For the Love of Wood

by Nicole Hodsdon May 05, 2017

For the Love of Wood

We certainly love our wood here at Ciseal.  It’s a material that brings natural warmth and beauty to our designs.  We love the variety of woods we get to use too.  Each species imparts it’s own unique look and feel that we just can’t get enough of.  The woods we use most often and certainly can’t get enough of are Birch, Oak, and Walnut.  Find out why these are our favorite woods to work with:


Birch: Elegant Strength

If you’re looking for a neutral backdrop, birch is the way to go.  It’s muted tones are perfect for building off of with either color or darker neutrals.  Birch is a classic choice for bent lamination because of it’s combined flexibility and strength, which produces lightweight, thin, and extremely strong products.  Discover birch in our Michigan Left Lamp, Interlochen Stool or Pontiac Side Table - all prime examples of the refinement of birch.

Ciseal Michigan Left Table Lamp
Interlochen Stool
Pontiac Side Table Ciseal

Oak: King of the Forest

For it’s beautiful grain and unmatched durability, oak keeps us coming back for more.  It’s a timeless material that always seems to be in style, and it’s hardness ensures it will last a lifetime.  See oak in all it’s glory on our Aspen Magazine Rack, Tahquamenon Stool, or Alden Side Table.  Each one will keep you mesmerized at the gorgeous grain of oak.

Aspen Magazine Rack
Tahquamenon Stool
Alden Table

Walnut: Timeless Warmth

Walnut may be woodworkers' most favorite of all the species to work with.  Not only is it a dream to shape, but it’s deep, rich brown color interspersed with an occasional blond streak keeps us coming back for more.  Let this alluring wood draw you in on our Ray Tablet Stand, Mission Firewood Holder, or Traverse Table Lamp.  Walnut’s depth and warmth are calling you.

Ray Tablet Stand
Mission Firewood Holder
Traverse Table Lamp

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon


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