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The Ciseal blog features weekly posts on modern and mid century inspired design.  We share stories related to architecture, interior design, modern and mid century design, handcrafted furniture and home goods, and our passion - bent plywood.

Sponsored blog posts start at $325

What a sponsored post includes:

  • One blog post (up to 1000 characters) written by Ciseal’s staff that is guided by a brief and/or copy provided by the advertiser.  Post topics should be related to modern and/or mid century architecture, product design, furniture design, or interior design.  Please note - we do not post opinion articles, reviews, or political posts.
  • The post will include 1-3 images (at least 750px wide) and/or a video (at least 750px wide).  These can be provided by the advertiser, but Ciseal will source or create content if requested for an additional fee. 
  • The advertiser will provide Ciseal with any hyperlinks to be included in the post. We follow Google’s recommendation to use “no follow” links whenever linking to a brand’s page in exchange for compensation.
  • The blog post will be clearly marked as “sponsored” in the body of the post.  
  • A link to the blog post will be published to the Ciseal TwitterFacebookPinterest and Google+ accounts.
  • A link to the blog post will be included in our monthly email list.
  • Sponsored posts are published on Fridays at 10am ET, however, if there is a preferred day or time, let us know and we will try to accommodate.

You can book a sponsored article on Ciseal’s blog by contacting us or send an email to hello@ciseal.com.  We only publish one sponsored post per month, so when you purchase a sponsored post you would be effectively sponsoring the blog for the entire month.  If you have any questions regarding purchasing a sponsored post, please contact Ciseal directly.

Ready to get started? Please contact us or send us an email at hello@ciseal.com with your topic ideas and we will get back with you ASAP.  We can't wait to work with you!