Modern with Soul

Ciseal Manifesto

I've been meaning to start actually blogging for quite a while - not just the usual product updates and news about Ciseal, but blogging about things I find interesting on a regular basis.  The problem was I would keep getting stuck on what to write about.  Do I keep it strictly to business and write only about bent plywood (and probably bore everyone to death)?  How do I expand the topics and still keep it cohesive?  And my biggest concern - will this extreme introvert who won't talk unless asked a question in which "probably" or "probably not" are not relevant answers have enough things to say?

Then it struck me - I founded Ciseal on this "modern with soul" idea.  The idea that modern doesn't have to be mundane and full of perfectly arranged clean lines that you're afraid to mess up (ironic being the perfectionist I am).  You can try to keep your stuff impeccable, but in doing so you miss out on the fun things in life.  Modern with soul embraces the mess of life and honors it.  It's not always going to be perfect because the new puppy might mistake your beautiful new coffee table as a delicious snack, or your slightly tipsy friend might neglect to use a coaster under his manhattan one Saturday night, but that's the evidence of a lived life.  There will be marks and nicks and scratches that you can't fix - that's what ultimately makes life interesting.  

So, my goal for this blog is to highlight the things that make my life interesting.  There will be updates about what's going on at Ciseal, where I envision this little company going, and posts about bent plywood because that's what I do and I adore it.  I'll also include some thoughts on the "modern with soul" life.  Things like what life is like in beautiful Michigan, what inspires me to create the things I make, drink recipes that my friends and family look forward to when we get together, and probably some adorable dog photos for good measure.  So, follow along, and we'll see where this adventure takes us.



Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon