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Ciseal is a Michigan based design studio and creator of fine, hand crafted bent plywood home goods.  We make furniture, lighting, and home decor items with a commitment to being functional, innovative and playful.  

Ciseal Handmade Bent Plywood

Ciseal (suh-SEEL, an Irish word for layer) was founded in 2013 by bent plywood nerd Nicole Hodsdon, our designer and craftswoman.  The Michigan born entrepreneur grew up influenced by the Mid-Century Modern architecture and design that’s so prevalent in Detroit’s northern suburbs.  The thoughtful, functional blend of nature and modern shapes influenced her decision to leave her corporate job at GM, where she was a design engineer.  In choosing her own adventure, she saw a path to make a difference by creating products that inspire and delight.

Nicole Hodsdon

We proudly make all of our pieces by hand and in-house from carefully selected sustainable materials.  Each idea for a potential Ciseal product is thoughtfully vetted through countless hours of research, design, and crafting.  The finished products we offer are the result of many iterations and fine tuning for comfort, usability, and style.  The quality of our products is in the details: the intentional curves, the hand-layered wood veneer, and the ease of use.

Moulding a Ray Tablet Stand

Our mission at Ciseal is to put smiles on faces through the products we make. We know that the spaces we inhabit affect our mood, thoughts, and actions.  As such, we aim to make products that look fantastic and inspire joy.

Ciseal's Ray iPad Stand

If you'd like to learn more about what makes us tick, check out our blog.  We're always adding articles about the people, places and things that inspire our work.